Thursday, June 6, 2013

Of Slivers, Squares, and...Dwarves? Oh my...

Forget the plan. Just open the window and let the Light flow how, where and when it will...

Intimate Restorations stays in my mind, simmering. Abundance verses Scarcity is added to the stew.

Two thoughts merge: Putting what is important first, and a false view of important things.

Which is it?

Two separate squares we must choose between?

Or one smaller square within a larger that we box ourselves in?

I believe in the latter: One large square enveloping a smaller one. Today's divine alchemy solidified this belief...

I feel it still. That darkness. Must mean its a good time for an app paper. This is what? Number 5? 6? Whose counting. Yet I can count on the gloom. It starts this way every time. Like the tensions and dissonances in a chord progression - each is not complete without the dominant chord. That seventh of the scale must be present; that dissonance that makes us want to return to the tonic. Perspective is everything: the seventh is as far away from the tonic (one) as you can get and when played with the tonic, as dissonant and ugly as it gets. But, on the other hand, the 7th is as close as you can get to the tonic, too. There are only seven notes in a scale. One comes again. Right after seven.

 Okay. So spill it. Dive. Let the darkness flood and envelope you for just this moment in time as you translate it into black and white on the page. Vomit up the black sludge, examine it, scrub it, replace the false with truth. Find the light. You know the drill.

(Click HERE to read revised version of the following poem)

Pull me outside my little self, Lord.
Grasp my reaching hands in thine, stretched out still.

Walls are closing in.
Only when minds do.
I know this.

The world is bigger then
Scientific methods and laboratories.
The sphere that envelopes the one my natural eyes see - 
It is that sphere that inspired
The methods,
The math,
The mechanics of this one.

The crumb that falls to the ground
The ant discovers and uses as nourishment,
But it is only a portion of all there is.
All he finds in his world, is not all there is.

Scarcity or abundance?
Seek no more for crumbs, but
For Sources.
No more for applications,
But Truths.

If the walls of my little box are
Solid and shut - Open them!
This is the Present moment.
And the present thing to do:
Find that Presence within.
Every Present moment.

But I am weak.
I can make but a crack;
A sliver of an opening in the wall of my natural world.
And when that crack shrinks and closes! Oh!
How the darkness chills me.
And it is by my own hand.

Pitiful woman.


I see His hand stretched outward
As I peer through the sliver in the wall
Made by these actions of thought.

Listen to a sister,

The sliver grows and swells,
Heat warms my brow.
This Abiding Light has no source from my little sphere -
It is from beyond.


The light is through a window shining.
I can see the real again.
More or less than true is chased away.
I can breath. I am covered:
In love. In light.

If only theses walls could burst apart and allow for real
Union with The Source!

But for now there is His light.
Keep it Kate.
It is yours to choose!
There are not two ways.
There is One way in
One Present Moment.

Or there is darkness.
Dwarves sitting in a circle of sarcasm -
Manna like manure to their lips.
The darkness is in their eyes,
Not in the world of beauty and light that surrounds them.

The Lion has no power over a man's agency.
His power is Love.
Is love.
His greatest power.
The force stronger then gravity,
That chooses not to force.

The Dwarves don't know the real.

I do. I am real.
(click here for the updated version of this poem)

The real is all around us, beyond the veil of our natural eyes. I may not see it, but I feel it's warmth, its heavenly scent beckons me, the sound of its abiding music calls to me - clashing at times with my soul's straying harmony; nudging me to adjust, to turn, to alter until the waves of my soul vibrate in unity - one string, one fiber of my being at a time.

The false view:
Two separate squares we live in - natural square for natural moments, spiritual square for spiritual moments.
It is all spiritual. We are enveloped in light, beauty and love. 
And we are either as blind as dwarves. Or as keen as kings and queens.

Yes. That is the paradigm I will choose in this present moment.

Ah. What is faith? Faith is that reaching action. Either a desire to reach and pull the divine into the smaller sphere. Or a power that bursts the walls of the natural world we find ourselves boxed in. It is a choice.  It is a gift that we have that choice.  It is a power.  Faith. Choice. Love.  The elements of Divine Alchemy.