Accompanying Policy


One of my favorite things to use my piano skills for is playing with others.  Since my siblings  all moved out of state (and I'm not in the pregnant/nursing stage anymore), I've begun saying yes to more accompanying jobs.  Somehow it doesn't quite seem right to charge people for this opportunity, but I've been told I'd better so . . . here ya go:

Kate Day Accompanying Policy
Updated August 2013

Basic Accompanying Prices: 

Includes one rehearsal (up to two pieces) and the performance

    Elementary                                $20

    Intermediate                                $30

    Advanced                                    $40


 For extra performances, fee is half the basic price.  Additional pieces are charged case by case.                                

Rehearsal Fees (beyond basic):                     $30 an hour

30 or 45 minute increments are acceptable of course!

Group studio recitals and solo recitals are quoted on a case by case basis.                           

Travel Fees:

(Return miles not applicable)

    1 - 10 Miles                                Free

    Over 10 miles                                $5

    Over 20 miles                            $0.50 per mile

Wait Time Fees:

(Time spent between multiple performances only)

    Under one hour                                Free

    Over one hour                                $10

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