Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How This Will Flow...

The Plan for Future Posts:

Adapt my old application paper assignments/process to this blog:

1. Open my ears, eyes, heart and mind to dissonances in my life.

2. Seek truth I'm not in tune with in classics that call to me 
(meaning - anything that is still teaching me after the 2x test).

3. Once the truth is identified, write and record the thoughts, events, tender mercies, obstacles, effort and inspiration that come while soberly seeking to inlay that truth upon my life.

4. Continue ALTAR/ALTERing all along the way what I write and how I apply until it feels as in tune as I am able to make it with my current understanding.

5. Post the week(s) writings here in small, succinct increments (wow, will that be possible! haha). Link the posts together that connect to one "likening" of truth.

6. Post old app paper (pre-blog) insights here and there as they "beckon" to be revisited.