Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Professionals Only

Today is a Barber-Violin-Concerto-Andante-movement kind of day.  I've soaked my ears in this sound as I have brushed a few coats of polyurethane on my hubby's new "sound upgrade" workbench he'll use for some booths at Suzuki Institutes this month.  The two activities were good therapy. I let Gil Shaham and the London Symphony Orchestra speak to me like a friend full of empathy while I put on an outer protective coating.

I took a class last Fall that delved into my core books and beliefs.  I then took a similar class the next two semesters and as part of them, I wrote and wrote and wrote. Thus my neglect of this blog.  I now find myself on a summer break, mourning the fact that the classes are over and feeling just plain grumpy. 

So it feels like the perfect time to vent about something I've been stewing over for a while.  There.  Now that you're the only one reading further, Marmee, I can just say what I want to and not worry about all the editing and revising I'd go through for more judgmental "ears."