Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Child Sense"

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter is always stealing my laptop to work on her poetry book. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

Chores shmores
Horrible chores

How I hate to clean.
Mess it up,
Have some fun,
Cleaning mommies are mean!

Put it a
Take it back out

Wipe it all up Spill it and shout
Why not just leave it be?

Play days are happy,
Cleaning is crappy!

A messy house is my dream!

Black is chewy and very sweet,
Black is poky and used to beat,
Black is graceful running by,

Black is empty and wonders why. 

Peach is my brothers skin so thin,

Peach is a mango the shape of a fin,
Peach is a lovely flower petal,

And peach is the color of an unknown metal.

Pink is the flower that blooms and grows,
Pink is the polish that's on my toes,

Pink is the sun set long and thin,
And pink is my lemonade to the brim.

I must mention concerning the chores poem - getting the kids acclimated to the hard work of morning chores has been an ongoing project in our home. I've been working hard to better organize our bookshelves, closets, cabinets etc. It has helped reduce the mess that four kids can constantly make when they're taught at home. The most recent success, though, has been because of my brother Jeff. He asked if we wanted to use his old wii as an incentive for my kids since he has that new thing (what's it called?) that needs no controls. We decided to tell the kids that for every 7 days that they picked up after themselves throughout the day they'd be able to "rent" the wii for two hours. It's been almost two weeks, and they have 6 days so far. The whole incentive helps with my goal of being less of a "cleaning mommy [so] mean." :)


  1. Here is a poem to Ellie:

    By Jeff and Micquel Swigert

    Farts smell bad,
    But only the ones that linger,
    If that makes you sad,
    Stop pulling on my finger!

    Your uncle Jefe

  2. "But only" in the previous poem needs, as micquel has mentioned, to be replaced by "Especially".